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Fred Hudd


Christian Names

Service Number







332 Siege Bty, RGA



Enlisted at





20 Athelstan Rd, Hastings

Date of Death

Where killed

Cause of Death







Dozinghem Military Cemetery

V11 E4


Next of Kin

Next of kin address


Ada Hudd

20 Asthelstan Rd



Son of Samuel and Emily Hudd; husband of Ada Hudd, of 20, Athelstan Rd., Clive Vale, Hastings. Native of Chippenham.

September 28 1917. Cpl Fred Hudd Royal Garrison Artillery of Hastings, son of Samuel Hudd of Foghamshire Nursery Chippenham. Died in France of wounds received on 14 September 1917.

Wilts Times 13 October 1917

In Honours Name

On Friday the news reached Mr S Hudd of the Foghamshire Nurseries that his eldest son Fred, who a short time ago was badly wounded whilst serving in France with the RFA had succumbed to his injuries and died on September 28th.

Deceased who had reached the age of 33, as a boy, a pupil at the Grammar School, educated by Mr R Cruickshank and when that scholastic establishment was suspended by the opening in January 1896 of the Chippenham Secondary School. Fred Hudd was one of the first pupils: in fact his name stands number 1 on the secondary school register. The school flag is flying at half-mast, and his old pupils will extend every sympathy to the widow who is left with 2 young children. This is the eleventh of the old boys of the secondary school to make the supreme sacrifice.

On leaving school, Cpl Hudd was for a time a clerk in the employ of Messers Wood and Awdry and about 15 years ago became a clerk for the firm of Messers Gaby and Stapleton Smith, Bexhill with whom he was with when he joined up. From a Hastings paper we learn that Cpl Hudd had made a large circle of friends among them being the members of the West Country Association at whose gatherings he was always to be found and a letter written by the Commanding Officer of his battery speaks in high terms of the ability and popularity of Cpl Hudd with the other men in the battery.

Mr RH Gaby writing to the father observes that he has heard the news of Fredís death with great sorrow and adds: "I have always appreciated him and how much I have felt his absence. He was always doing something and always to be relied on. It is poor consolation to say that he was a son that you might well be proud of, but his steady, solid qualities commended him very much to me. A more loyal servant no man could have had."

Wilts Times 18 October 1917

Cruickshanks Grammar School, Gutter Lane (now Chapel Lane) Chippenham

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