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During the research for the site, I found that a number of civilians were killed as a direct result of enemy air raids or died as a result of accidents caused by the war. This group are not recorded, to my knowledge, anywhere in Chippenham. Chippenham is not alone in not recording these casualties as it appears that not many towns do. For example it was only in 2003 that Bath recorded the names of those killed in the raids on that city. Perhaps one day Chippenham will do the same but for now this page records their names. I have applied the same criteria to the civilians as that seems to have been applied to the servicemen: they had a connection with Chippenham through living, being born, parents lived in the town or some other similar connection. If I have missed anyone, please contact me and I will be pleased to record the details.

Ada Bowden
Frederick Bowden
John Banks
Alfred Bridgeman
Sheila Cox
Enid Hawkins
Stanley Hill
Violet Hunt
Dilys Huxter
Maurice Perlman
Mary Rose