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The largest war memorial in Chippenham consists of 39 streets on the Pewsham estate. The streets are name after 53 men from Chippenham killed in both World War. The difference between the numbers is due to some streets named after more than 1 person, e.g. Chivers Close is named after Albert, Edwin, Sydney and Michael Chivers.  

Frank Beaven Close
Albert George Bishop Close
George Bodman Close
William Arthur Brewer Mead
George Frederick Bright Close
Thomas Henry Carpenter Close
George Chandler Way
Albert Edward Chivers Road
Edwin George Chivers Road
Sydney James Chivers Road
William Herbert Dickson Way
Alfred Dummer Way
Frederick Escott Close
Herbert Thomas James Fortune Close
William Thomas Granger Close
Laddas Harcourt Hancock Close
Walter Hancock Close
William James Hatherall Road
Henry John Hatherell Road
Ernest Victor Hayward Close
Leopold John Jordan Close
George Alfred Knight Close
Albert Edward Millard Close
George Millard Close
Henry George Morse Close
Sydney Ivor Morse Close
Arthur John Payne Close
Herbert Henry Payne Close
Sidney Alan Penny Lane
Frederick Bertram Pinfield Lane
Simeon Rowe Mead
Reginald Edward Sheppard Close
Frank Stapleford Close
Arthur Henry John Swanborough Close
William Arthur Swanborough Close
Arthur Henry Swayne Close
Frederick Thomas Tanner Close
Herbert Arthur Tanner Close
Arthur Herbert George Tavinor Drive
James Webb Close
William Webb Close
Henry John Wicks Drive
Frederick Willis


John Waddie Wishart Way

Second War Names

Charles Brewer Mead
Albert Edward Bright Close
Frank Augustus Bright Close
Michael John Chivers Close
Alfred James Dummer Way
Richard Jesse Harford Close
Kenneth James Holmes DFC Close
Alfred Frederick Massey Close
Christopher Hubert Rumble Dene
Dennis Maurice Stewart Close