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Herbert Raymond Wilson


Christian Names

Service Number




Herbert Raymond



114 Mahrattas



Enlisted at





19 St Mary St

Date of Death

Where killed

Cause of Death







Amara War Cemetery



Next of Kin

Next of kin address


Mervyn Seppings and Helena Jane Wilson

19 St Mary St



114 Mahrattas attd 105 Mahratta LI

Dr Wilsonís Bereavement

Death of Third and Last Son

General and sincere sympathy is felt with Doctor and Mrs Wilson in the death of their eldest and last son, Captain Herbert Raymond Wilson, Indian Infantry who died of wounds January 9th in Mesopotamia.

His two younger brothers were killed in France in 1915 Captain Geoffrey MU Wilson Wiltshire Regiment (who was 20 years of age) on September 25th; and Captain Evelyn S Wilson, East Yorkshire Regiment September 29th.

Captain Herbert Raymond Wilson was born at Chippenham in September 1888 and was educated at St Peterís school, Weston Super Mare and Repton, where he gained an Open Army Class scholarship. Leaving Repton for Sandhurst with an Indian Army cadetship in 1907. For a year he attached to the Yorks and Lancashire Regiment at Quetta and was gazetted to one of the Mahratta Regiments early in 1909. He served in Tibet and North Assam with the Chinese Frontier Commission and was Political Agent to the Chief Commissioner of Assam, Sir Archibald Earle. Recalled to his regiment on the outbreak of the war, he was in some of the early fighting in Mesopotamia, but contracted typhoid and was invalided home for six months. He returned to India in March last year and went to the front in the October following.

Mrs Wilson is the commandant of the local Red Cross hospital and not withstanding the great sorrow which has fallen upon her, she remains at her post of duty in superintending the services of those who are tending the sick and wounded in our midst.

Wilts Times 20 January 1917

9 January 1917 aged 22 years. Capt 114 Mahratta Light Infantry.

Third son of Dr Mervyn Seppings (died 29 Sept 1933 aged 79) and Mrs Helena Jane Wilson (died 3 March 1934 aged 75)

Parents headstone, Chippenham Cemetery

Memorial to 3 Soldier Sons

Dedication service at Parish Church

The stained glass window, which has been placed in the Parish church by Dr and Mrs Wilson in memory of their 3 soldier sons, who have been killed in the war, was unveiled and formally dedicated on Sunday evening. The holding of the dedication service coincided with the date (29th September) on which one son was born, another baptised and another killed.

To the Glory of God and memory of the 3 sons of Mervyn Seppings and Helena Jane Wilson.

Herbert Raymond Wilson, Capt, 114th Maharattas. Born September 29th 1888. Killed in action January 9th 1917 in Mesopotamia.
Evelyn Seppings Wilson, Capt, East Yorks Regt. Born March 5th 1893. Killed in action September 29th 1915 at Hullock, France.
Geoffrey Mervyn Underhill Wilson, Capt, Wiltshire Regiment. Born August 5th 1894. Killed in action September 25th 1915 at Loos, France.

Wilts Times 5 October 1918

The Wilson family came to Chippenham in 1887. Mr Wilson was a county councillor in 1904 - 1910 and church warden of St Andrew's church. Mrs Wilson became the commandant of the Chippenham Red Cross hospital and was appointed OBE for her war service.

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Wilson's parents grave in Chippenham Town Cemetery

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