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Orlando Edwards


Christian Names

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6 Wilts



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31 The Causeway

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Ypres Memorial

Panel 53


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Mr and Mrs J Edwards 31 The Causeway



The Roll of Honour

Mr and Mrs Edwards of the Causeway have received the intelligence that their son, Orlando, who in the early part of 1915 joined the Wiltshire Regiment, has been killed in France. The officer commanding his company in writing to Mr and Mrs Edwards and expressing the sympathy of himself and comrades, says of Pte Edwards "He was very smart courageous and painstaking and popular with everybody". Prior to joining up Pte Edwards was employed in connection with the Post Office and was auxiliary postman to Tytherton.

Wilts Times 30 June 1917

Killed in action in France, Pte Orlando Edwards, son of Mr and Mrs Edwards of 31 The Causeway, Chippenham. Aged 31.

Wilts Times 7 July 1917

The Price of Freedom

Above we give the portrait of Pte Orlando Edwards, son of Mr and Mrs Edwards of 31 The Causeway whose name is added to the list of those who have `heroes all` who have laid down their lives for King and Country.

Pte Edwards joined the Army on 25th Jan 1915. Prior to that he was employed at the Chippenham Post Office where he commenced duty in May 1912, acting as a temporary Postman. Subsequently being given the Auxiliary Postmanship to Tytherton, which he held at the time of his enlistment.

The Chippenham postmaster in expressing his sympathy with the parents observes "Orlando was a general favourite, always willing and ready to do whatever was required of him and his loss is mourned by the whole staff. He was a quiet well conducted lad, generally popular and respected by the whole staff, a respect which was greatly enhanced by his prompt response to his country’s call".

In regard to his death in France, Signaller MacDonald, RDF, writing to his parents states: "In the last advance I found the body of your son, Orlando, with his pay book and letter lying beside him. On seeing this I thought it best to write to you and let you know he died a hero’s death and accept my deepest sympathy. I may also add that he had an instantaneous death. I saw that his body was removed and he had a soldier’s funeral, being buried with hundreds of the bravest of the brave."

Lt Wing of the Wilts wrote: "He was as you doubtless know one of the special battalion bombers so did not often parade with us but we were always glad when he did so for he was very smart, courageous and painstaking and popular. I hope it maybe some consolation in your bereavement to reflect that he died the death of an honourable and gallant man for his King and Country."

Wilts Times 7 July 1917

At 0310 some mines were exploded and an intense barrage started, followed by the leading battalions of the 7th Brigade. At 0340 the Wilts advanced, after crossing the Steenbecque they passed through the leading troops. At 0450, they charged their first objective "October Trench" and overcame some resistance from concrete dugouts. They then suffered some casualties. Their second and final objective, "Four Huns House" was taken together with some prisoners. However some uncleared ground remained between the Wilts and the Division on their left. This mean that the Wilts came under machine gun fire from "Lumms Farm". The Wilts assaulted and captured the garrison of some 40 Germans. Their flank was still exposed and they went onto tackle the "Wilts Farm" and more prisoners. The area was then consolidated over the next 2 days before they were relieved by the Australians on the 9th June.

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