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Walter Frank Haines


Christian Names

Service Number




Walter Frank



Hawke Btn, RN Bde



Enlisted at



Date of Death

Where killed

Cause of Death



Illness - Pulmonary TB




London Road

540 Consecrated (Unmarked grave)


Next of Kin

Next of kin address


William and Mary Haines    


The 1901 Census shows the 10 members of the Haines family and their 2 servants living at 77 London Road, Chippenham.

Enlisted 15/11/15
Draft for BEF 10/7/16
Joined 6th Entrenching Bn. 8/11/16
Joined Hawke Bn. 25/11/16-3/2/17 Wounded & Missing, POW
Repatriated 26/12/18
Demob. 26/2/19.

Collapsed in the Street

As a young man named Walter Haines was walking down the Causeway early on Thursday evening he was suddenly seized with illness and collapsed on the pavement. He was, when reached by the passer by, obviously in a dying condition and on the arrival of Dr Laurence, who was hastily summoned, he had expired.

The deceased was about 25 years of age and lived with his parents in Nelson Place, London Road. He served in the Army during the war and was for a considerable period a prisoner of war in the hands of the Germans. There is no doubt that the hardships and privatations which he suffered at the hands of his enemy captors seriously undermined his health. Since his return home, he been under treatment for tuberculosis and his general health was far from good. Dr Laurence having certified as to the cause of death no inquest was held.

Wilts Times 4 June 1921

June 1999

During my research for this site, I found that the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) had no record of Haines' death and that he was buried in an unmarked grave. After reading the details of Haines' death in the Wiltshire Times (above), I notified the CWGC that I believed that Haines should be entitled to commemoration and his grave should be treated and marked as a war grave. They agreed that they had nor record of his death or even any details on his service and that they did not think he would be entitled to war graves treatment.

Aug 2001

I received a letter from the CWGC saying that they had finally received a copy of Haines' record of service and his death certificate. AB Haines RNVR was posted missing and wounded on the 3 February 1917 and taken prisoner at Beaucourt. He was repatriated on the 24th December 1918 and demobilised on the 26 February 1919. Unfortunately there was no mention of his state of health. His death certificates states that he died of TB on the 2 June 1921. Sadly it does not say for how long he had been suffering from the illness. 

Jan 2002

The service record shows that HAINES was wounded and missing and then a prisoner for nearly 2 years.  It is not known what his state of health was upon discharge, which is what I really needed.  He died 15 months later of TB.  One can make the assumption that his wounds and imprisonment led to TB but unfortunately his DC makes no mention of how long he had been suffering from it, and for the purposes of commemoration, there must be a link. However, his mother did receive a dependants pension and the fact that his name is on the local war memorial alongside the names of others of the parish who fell and whom we commemorate, clinches it as far as I am concerned.  So I will put his name forward, but it is not my decision to make, and since this case was started, our procedures for non commemorations have changed :   

"We are currently reviewing our procedures, as there has been a growing interest in the Commissionís work in recent years, particularly as a result of the placing of our records on the internet.  

Whilst we welcome the interest this has generated, it has also led to an increasing number of enquiries relating to the accuracy of the information we hold in our records, and to requests to amend them. We are frequently asked to add casualties thought to have been omitted from our records, to amend service or personal details, or to reconsider the identification of burials previously regarded as unknown.  

Until recently we have sought to resolve such questions on an ad hoc basis with the assistance of our member governments who are the source of much of the information that we hold. However, with this large increase in enquiries and requests, it has become apparent that there is a need to agree the basis on which our records should be amended, and where the responsibility for making the decisions on amendments should lie.  

We are therefore at present discussing with the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, in whose forces the majority of the casualties we commemorate served, on the best way to proceed.  

The Ministry of Defence are conscious of the importance of this issue and have agreed to give the matter consideration at the highest level. In the meantime, we have agreed to put on hold the processing of any further cases that involve changes to our records other than straightforward errors. The Commission is anxious to resolve this matter and come to a decision on both the policy to be followed and on the individual cases which have been raised."   

So, the case of HAINES, and many others, is on hold and I will not be able to give you a decision for the forseeable future.  Thank you for all your help and interest and I hope, in due course, to be able to give you good news.  If you change your address again, please let us know. 

April 2006

The MoD have decided that Haines does not qualify for war graves status. The reason given was that although AB Hainesí death certificate shows him to have died of pulmonary TB on 2nd June 1921 his service record only shows him to have been demobilised on 26 Feb 1919 with no indication of a pre-existing condition.

So Haines is recorded on the St Andrew's memorial only - at least his service and death is commemorated.


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